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Widener Memorial School Dance Competition!

The wheelchair dance competition at Widener Memorial School took place on May 1, 2013! Every dance couple danced their hearts out and wowed the judges and audience! The 27 couples were comprised of Widener Memorial high school and middle school students with their standing dance partners from Temple University. They competed for first, second, and third place spots in Swing and Samba. The dancing was spectacular! In fact, the judges had a hard time picking the winners!

Student Desai performed a fantastic Tango with ADF instructor, Robert Hansberry. Another student, Terrence, and ADF instructor Aubree Marchione led the entire group in a tribute Samba for longtime teacher of Widener and heart of their ADF program, Ms. Mc Girk.

American DanceWheels would like to thank everyone who made this program and competition possible!

Theresa and Noni

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Winners