Welcome to ADF's blog! American DanceWheels Foundation is an artistic non-profit organization that trains individuals with and without disabilities, ballroom dance teachers, and therapists how to Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin Dance. Visit www.americandancewheels.org for more information about our programs.

ADF teaches students at Rowan University!

American DanceWheels Foundation provides wheelchair dance training to university students across the country who major in recreational therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dance, and more. Every year ADF is invited to Rowan University in New Jersey to give a special presentation to the college students. The presentation not only teaches the students about the innovation therapy and art form, but allows them to experience dancing as both a seated and standing dancer. ADF's program also makes the students more aware of the abilities of people with disabilities and gives them experience working directly with the community of people who they will serve upon graduation. ADF's program is a fun learning experience! Contact ADF to learn about our accredited college program and special presentations at info@americandancewheels.org.